Beauty Body Bloom!

If I start to smell like Fresh Flowers all the time it’s all Forest Essentials fault!
My search for organic unique international products ended with this beautiful branded line of beauty products. As noted on their website, “A Traditional Skin Care Brand, with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Made in India each handmade product uses traditional methods in its making and adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality. Forest Essentials extracts the best from nature’s vast repertoire and recreates fresh seasonal formulations using organic cold pressed oils, rare plant extracts, herb infusions and steam-distilled pure essential oils. There is a perfect fusion between ancient recipes and modern technology to create a whole new experience.”
You can purchase the products via my portal on amazon: or directly from their website:
It’s a beautiful line with scents you’ve probably never ever smelt before. Infused in their body lotions are the flowers of Nargis, Mogra, Jasmine. The luxury spice Saffron is mostly used in their skincare line. Mind you, something about saffron irritates my skin so I bypassed the skincare section completely. They shipped directly from India via FedEx with no custom problems or additional import payments. Literally within two weeks I received my shipment.
I definitely love the long lasting scents of the body lotions and mists. Some of my recommendations are Ultra Rich Body Lotion in Nargis, Bengal Tuberose, Mandarin and Neem, Indian Rose Absolute, Jasmine and Mogra. They all come in Body Mists too. I couldn’t be more happy that I found this beautiful line of organic body products. Check them out. You won’t regret it!