Croatia Hotel Reviews

I’ve been asked quite a few times about suggestions and reviews on hotels and villas.

My first review is going to be on a few properties I stayed at on my recent trip to Croatia. The first trick is seeking properties.  I usually like going on Expedia and other hotel websites.  I narrow my search to 4 and 5 star properties and then filter pricing from low to high. I definitely stay at a hotel priced $75 or higher. And if your Indian like me, then I’m sure you got connections to Friends and Family Rates. Once I narrow down properties I then hit the Tripadvisor site for look at reviews and actual photos of properties. They give you a better idea on how a property really looks in reality, versus hotel website photos, which are usually professional and I’m sure edited.

Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort

For our trip to Croatia our first stop was going to be Hvar. A small island a short ferry ride from Split. Hvar’s reputation as Croatia’s premier party town is well deserved. There are several good restaurants, bars and hotels here, but thanks to the island’s appeal to well-heeled guests, the prices can be seriously inflated. Don’t be put off if you’re on a more limited budget, though, as private accommodation and multiple hostels cater to a younger, more diverse crowd. I was eager to find something oceanview. Well let’s be honest, if your going to an island a view of the ocean is a must! The island is relatively small, hotels tend to get booked up pretty easily and quickly. Luckily the Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort was available. After reading reviews and seeing pretty pictures, I knew this had to be the one. After taking the ferry and arriving in Stari Gard our transportation took us to straight to the hotel. Once we walked in, you could see the beautiful ocean via the lobby. The receptionist was very welcoming and informative. We had a two bedroom suite for the three of us. I did book and oceanview, although really the ocean was viewable over the rooftop of some homes in front of the property. I guess it was this particular wing, still it wasn’t bad.  Room was good, decent size. There was a living room between the two guest bedrooms. Maybe a bit dated but I think the hotel was under a bit of renovation while we were there. After getting settled in we were off to sit by the pool and grab a few cocktails. We walked around the property and found a cool boardwalk. We decided to follow it and found a few seaviewbars and restaurants. I guess this is where all the crazy Hvar parties are well known for.  We headed back to the hotel after a short walk, got dressed and had dinner at the hotel. We had dinner at the bar restaurant by the lobby with a beautiful evening sea view. Food was absolutely great! We ordered a few appetizers and vino. The next day we asked the concierge about getting to the main town of Hvar. He said we could take a taxi but why? The boardwalk we were on the night before lead to Hvar. It would be a 10 to 15 minute walk. The girls and I were like “hell yes” lets walk it. Weather was beautiful sunny, why not? That walk had to be one of the prettiest walks I’ve ever taken. 15 minutes seemed like nothing. We also realized had we taken a Catamaran from Split it would have docked in Hvar and we could have just walked to our hotel from the dock. Overall I would stay here again. Because of the convenience to Hvar and the property itself is pretty with some amazing views. Check Expedia for rates. Here is the link I’ve provided a few photos of the property.

suncani_hvar0304-amfora_pool__hotel_blue_hour_panoramicPhoto May 07, 12 18 24 PMPhoto May 07, 12 55 42 PMPhoto May 08, 3 52 05 AM (1)

Le Meridian Lav Split

After two days in Hvar we headed back to Split via a catamaran from the Hvar dock. Once in Split we were picked up via our guide Mario with Experience Dalmatia. We went straight to the hotel as it was rainy and probably not a good choice to do any sightseeing.  We did hear the weather was going to improve later that day. The Le Meridian Lav Split was about a 20 minute drive from the port in Split. I had booked the hotel with my friends and family rate connections. I had booked an oceanview room here also. We were on one of the higher floors of the hotel. Man, I still remember the view! Absolutely stunning! the beautiful coast and the beach (see images below). Room was well equipped and maintained. We got dressed in our swimsuits and headed down to the beach and pool. Hotel had a pretty good size pool. The beach was a bit of a miss. Very rocky. Feet literally hurt walking on it. Pretty much like all the beaches in Europe. Still a pretty beach. After taking in the views we decided to take a walk as we saw a marina right around the property. What a pretty marina! There were a few restaurants and shops by the boardwalk. After heading back to our room and getting dressed we decided to venture out to Split for dinner. We were able to get an Uber via the hotel. The uber driver was great even giving us his direct number for a pickup when we done. We were able to contact him via Whatsapp. We didn’t eat at the hotel but we definitely had breakfast and coffee with a beautiful view of the marina and the ocean. It is a beautiful hotel. Although I used my friends and family rate, I would still pay the extra to stay here. It’s nice, quiet a bit out of town but still in a beautiful location.

Sheraton Riviera Dubrovnik

Another hotel I booked via my friends and family rate.  This hotel kind of took my breath a way. The architecture of this property was stunning. It is a modern property with modern amenities. Set in a pretty cove about a 20 minute drive from Dubrovnik. Honestly its in a beautiful location! The pool was fabulous and the cocktails!! Def out of this world. The hotel had a bit of renovation going on by the cove but nothing noisy or any inconvenience. I loved that the property had a few piers you can sit on and just enjoy the peace and quiet with stunning views of the mountains and sea. Not much to eat around the property so we ate one night at the property and the other nights in Dubrovnik. They served a buffet, a bit overpriced but decent. The room was beautiful with spacious balconies. They have views of the pool and the cove. Kind of reminded me of Italian hotels situated in coves. I did pay 60 kunas for a 4 shot Americano, probably the most I’ve every paid for a cup of coffee and one I’ll remember forever haha. Overall I would still stay here again. A bit of a distance from Dubrovnik but I actually enjoyed the location.